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Small Video Library (for Games and other 3D rendering applications)

This project is intended as a small, self-contained library that may be used to render video into memory in real-time, to be used in any way an arbitrary application sees fit.
SmallVideoLibrary has a minimal interface to load video from memory or a file, start, stop and play it, and render to an object that provides asynchronous access to the latest frame data (e.g. to be written to a surface in DirectX or OpenGL).
SmallVideoLibrary will crop and deform the source video - when it does this it 'samples' instead of 'compresses' to be as efficient as possible.

SmallVideoLibrary uses DirectShow to load and decode the video, making use of all DirectShow accessible decoders and ensuring that the library is as up to date as the host system, insted of the latest check-in. It is written in C++/CLI for use in .NET applications.

SmallVideoLibrary comes with a demo application, a media player, to explore and test its capabilities.

The current state of SmallVideoLibrary is Pre-Alpha because:

  • Documentation is incomplete
  • Featureset for first release is incomplete

The current features of SmallVideoLibrary include:

  • Load from a file
  • Use any/all system decoders
  • Render into memory
  • Start, Stop, Pause and Seek video
  • Change the video playing on-the-fly
  • Deform and crop

The immediately planned features of SmallVideoLibrary include:

  • Load from memory
  • Control audio volume and balance
  • Subdue audio
  • Apply audio effects

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